Kill Your Darlings (and Theirs)

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I’m currently reading Lee Sheldon’s Character Development and Storytelling for Games, and this passage hit me pretty hard. If you can get to the point where your favorite game no longer entertains you, you will have taken a crucial step toward understanding how it worked its magic. It can be a sad moment and an exhilarating one all at the …

earning christmas cash

Lesson Earned

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I don’t like Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hardly a Scrooge. I LOVE the holiday! But there’s always something that bothers me about receiving gifts. (By this logic, I also dislike my birthday, something everyone around me can attest is entirely false.) Here’s the deal: receiving gifts–or payments, or praises for that matter–bothers me when I don’t feel like I’ve earned them. In fact, it makes me feel pretty terrible. Humbled, but terrible.

Final Fantasy XIII Review

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After spending 75 hours on a game I might as well tell you my thoughts on it, so here’s a very quick review of Final Fantasy XIII. Synopsis If you’re not at all interested in the nuances, just know that I gave the game a 7 out of 10: stunning graphics, great voice acting, good music, but pacing killed the …