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  1. LOL! I just read your story about gastroparesis. I couldn’t help but laugh because I kinda sorta in a way, but not really have gastroparesis too. I had the same response from my doctor regarding my gastric emptying exam. Follow the diet…then eventually see what happens when you eat solid foods. I had 2 endoscopies done. First one, I had fasted for 12 hours and the test had to be stopped due to the amount of food left in my stomach from the day before. For the 2nd, I had to be on a clear liquid diet an entire 24 hours before the procedure where i was found to have Atrophic Gastric Metaplasia. Next…the nasty, radioactive egg sandwich to find out that I am “borderline.” I was told, “you have it, but it’s borderline”….HUH? Either your pregnant or not, how is this a “yes, but not really.” Thanks for the great laugh, I guess that’s all we can do right?

    1. Exactly. Morbid humor at its finest. 😉

      An update to this: A few years after this, I was told I did *not* have gastroparesis anymore. Which means that I have it, but only sometimes.

      I’m considering anti-reflux surgery at this point, so more testing with nasty radioactive eggs are in my future. Oh joy!

      Best of luck!

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