My History of Bikes

For the record, I bought a bike right after writing this. $100 at Target. $118, if you count the seat I got with it. (The default seat was rather painful.) Tried a number of the thrift stores, but none had adult-sized bikes.

Ads in RSS Feeds

If you’re reading this via RSS you’ll notice that a small ad unit has been added to the bottom of some of the articles. Obviously, this is done in order to monetize the content, which I can really only continue if it pays for itself (I’m not exactly making a killing here, folks, just enough… Read more Ads in RSS Feeds

Catholic Rebirth

I was raised a Catholic. Sort of. My family wasn’t particularly religious, although I did go to Catholic schools until the fourth grade. After that, I moved to the US, went to public school, and attended Baptist churches for a while where I was told that the Catholic church worshiped Mary over Jesus, and that… Read more Catholic Rebirth

Planet China, or When We Were Still the Center of the Universe

Probably the biggest influence during my childhood years, at least insofar as an understanding of the astronomical universe was concerned, was an old encyclopedia my mom bought my sister and I. In it, there was a picture of the solar system. Being the science nut that I was, I delved into it like other kids… Read more Planet China, or When We Were Still the Center of the Universe