Someone’s Idea of a Joke

People at work know I’m a blogger. People that read my blog may know that, by profession, I’m a technical writer. Yesterday, someone at work thought I would find the following comic both funny and applicable. I did.

Lee Iacocca: Speaking Out

If you’ve ever read Lee Iacocca’s autobiography (Iacocca: An Autobiography), or heard any of the history surrounding him, you know one thing: he’s a straight shooter. (If you haven’t read his biography, for the love of God, go to your library and pick it up, or buy it at a bookstore somewhere. Heck, most thrift… Read more Lee Iacocca: Speaking Out

Site Problems Solved

Alright, if you tried to view the site sometime after the evening of Sunday, April 15th (EST) and noon on Monday, April 16th (EST) you probably noticed the site was dead. Sorry ’bout that. It was the hosting company’s fault. On the bright side, they did upgrade my bandwidth and storage, which really does nothing… Read more Site Problems Solved

Taking a Break

You’ll have to pardon the lack of updates as of late. A recent set of events, including travel, family, and other personal (health-ish) issues have drained the writing juices for the time being. I’ll be posting a few educational videos and a few links for the next few days, maybe even a few punny jokes,… Read more Taking a Break

Happy Feet: Quick and Dirty Movie Review (Written by an Alien)

Alright, I’ll admit: I’ve been on the movie kick lately. Actually, The Wife’s been on a movie kick lately, and of course, I’m forced to watch. Because that’s what husbands do, they do date-like stuff with their wives. (No, singles, dating does NOT end when you tie the knot. In fact, it’s just the beginning.)… Read more Happy Feet: Quick and Dirty Movie Review (Written by an Alien)