The Soundtrack Of Your Life

If your life had a soundtrack, what would the theme song be, and what songs would be included? Recently someone asked that very question in the 9Rules Notes section (Your Life’s Theme Song) and I thought that to be one I would ask you. To be fair, here’s my response:

The Magic of the Pencil

A pencil and paper. How many of us have actually picked up a pencil — on purpose, and not because there wasn’t a working pen around or because it was the first suitable writing utensil in the vicinity — in order to actually enjoy the art of writing?

The Laptop Sutra

After too long a time, Sutra is again under my fingers. It feels good to have her back. Wait, did I just call my computer “her”? Wow. I guess the years of familiarity have finally given way to my granting anthropomorphic qualities to a laptop.

A Book, a Look, and a Hook: What’s Up with 9Rules?

In the past month or so I’ve been with 9Rules a number of rather important events affecting myself, Gnorb.NET, and 9Rules have occurred which you may actually be interested in. (Seriously, these are pretty exciting news, at least for me.) These involve a book I’m collaborating on, cool changes in the 9Rules community site, and… Read more A Book, a Look, and a Hook: What’s Up with 9Rules?