How Not to Drift

Thanks to Digg for this painfully funny post. That’s gonna cost him. (Did you notice the back tire in the end?) I don’t know whether to say “wow, that sucks,” or “ha ha! Dummy!” It’s more like a little of both, I think.

Next Car?

Just bought a car (not one of these), but still, these pics are going up on my fridge. (Click on the pics to view the full size images. Yes, I’ve been on the car-lust kick lately. It comes with the territory, I guess. I’ll gett off of this soon, I promise.)


On August 16, 2006 I was offered an almost-new ’06 Toyota Camry LE — 5,340 miles on it — for $17,125. Fully Toyota Certified, with 7 year/100,000 mile power-traine waranty, 3 year/36,000 bumper-to-bumper waranty. And I had to turn it down. Damn. For some perspective… For the record, the one below that was offered to… Read more $17,125

Lack of Updates

Sorry for the recent lack of updates. Buying a car has pretty much taken up all of my time recently. I’m in the process now of hopefully securing a 2004 Toyota Camry with about 37,000 miles for $13,000. Test drove the car, nothing seemed or or bad and I would have bought it on the… Read more Lack of Updates

Doctor McCoy?

I was reading an article today on the whole comic book cross-over bit (you know, where two of your favorite comic book heroes get together for one amazing, action-packed piece of what’s almost always crap, but you want to read it anyway), and saw the following, which, as both a Star Trek and X-Men fan,… Read more Doctor McCoy?

Le Linkage #8

Yes, it’s that time of the — well, whatever length of time between Le Linkage postings again. It’s time for another episode of Le Linkage, there. I’ve been trying to think of a good intro this time, but I can’t think of anything good, so just check out the links. At least those are good.… Read more Le Linkage #8