Phase 2 Under Way

After a week of trying to find the perfect wordpress theme for this blog, I’ve finally decided that it doesn’t exist. That’s why instead, I’ll just grab the one that fits my wants closest and just tweak it from there. Rather, that’s why I grabbed the one that fit my wants closest. The theme is… Read more Phase 2 Under Way

Switching to WordPress

Note: This was posted before I switched to WordPress from bBlog. Well, after much research, I’ve decided to move this blog over to WordPress, instead of keeping it on bBlog. Although bBlog offers some great functionality, ease of use, and great cleanliness of code, WordPress offers me features which allow for better control of the… Read more Switching to WordPress

SQL Hell?

It’s finally happened. Fate has conspired against me and has forced my hand. Due to events both at my job and at Gnorb.NET, I now find myself in need of SQL knowledge. To quote Charlie Brown, “Aaaargh!” (The rest of this is a total rant. If I were you, I’d probably ignore it. If you… Read more SQL Hell?

bBlog vs. WP (again)

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve installed WordPress on my server and am finally able to start messing around with it. On it’s face, WordPress is quite nice. Easy install, and overall good layout. I’ll write more of my obeservations later. For now. check out my other blog page. Maybe I’ll install a few more… Read more bBlog vs. WP (again)

Earth Sheep?

I’m not into astrology. Never have been, don’t think I ever will be. But something that happened recently dealing with astrology perked my ears a bit. A couple of nights ago, Junior and Morocco Mole introduced me to my chinese astrological symbol: the Earth Sheep. Now, I knew that I was a sheep (or ram,… Read more Earth Sheep?

Knowing What to Say…

… is usually not as important as knowing when to shut up. At least, that’s what I’ve learned over the years. (Especially over the last year and a half of marriage.) I was just reading a story over at the Washington Post Online which caught my eye, for a number of reasons. The story talks… Read more Knowing What to Say…

Simple and Clean

At work, whenever I’m doing something that requires a lot of thought, I’ll usually put on either Goa-Psy (tecno), classical, or J-Pop. It’s lunch, and I’m at my desk, so I decided to tune into JPopSuki tv. (It’s linked on the sidebar here somewhere. Great online TV station, but you need Winamp to watch it.)