Finding Linux ISOs

When it comes to software, there’s nothing I love more than testing out Linux distribuitons. That’s why whenever I find a good download site, whether on the Web or FTP, I like to bookmark it. Until recently, my favorite Linux download site was Great resource, really, although I find that it’s not kept as… Read more Finding Linux ISOs

Man I Hate Blogspam

(FYI, Yes, I just made up that word.) Whenever there’s a comment posted on this site, the system shoots out an email telling me there’s a new comment or trackback in “X” story. A few weeks after starting this site, I started getting replies to stories (from what I figured to be spam-bots) talking about… Read more Man I Hate Blogspam

Madre Vigilante, Ole!

Just caught this on Fark: Taking the law in her own hands, a Spanish mother set afire a man who raped her teenaged daughter and allegedly taunted her about the assault, a report here said today. Fully story here. Now, I’m not a big fan of vigilantes, but I’ll make an exception in this case.… Read more Madre Vigilante, Ole!