What would Haikus look like if they were invented during a Sci-Fi conference, instead of feudal Japan? They’d probably have a lot less to do with nature and a lot more to do with Star Wars. Here’s a few that I thought up while my brain recovered from an expedited learning experience: Listen, Luke: I… Read more Scifaiku

What Makes a Good Movie?

Tonight, I was watching the movie Unbreakable, where Bruce Willis(*) plays what’s essentially the same role he plays in just about every movie (that of a rough-neck, or an “average Joe”), but with a slight twist. After a train crash kills 130 people, but leaves him unscathed, he figures out he might just be a… Read more What Makes a Good Movie?

Text Browsers

Just took a look at Gnorb.NET with the Links Web Browser. Not bad. Looks really good, really organized. I’m not the one to take credit for that, however. When I first installed bBlog and decided on this theme, I picked it because (1) it looked good, and (2) it used CSS based layout as opposed… Read more Text Browsers

Abusing “rel=nofollow”?

A few weeks ago, Google announced that it would begin to recognize the addition of the rel=nofollow attribute to anchor tags. Bloggers and forum posters everywhere rejoiced at this, since it meant that comment posters wouldn’t be posting solely for the sake of the PageRank points. (If you’ve ever been on an Internet forum and… Read more Abusing “rel=nofollow”?

Quiet Spell

Sorry for the radio silence, folks. I’ve been doing a lot of driving between cities and, frankly, blogging is about the last thing I want to do after driving the 4 1/2 hours from Tampa to Miami. Sorry about that. By the way, I was in Tampa this weekend spending some time with the family.… Read more Quiet Spell