Next Car?

Just bought a car (not one of these), but still, these pics are going up on my fridge. (Click on the pics to view the full size images. Yes, I’ve been on the car-lust kick lately. It comes with the territory, I guess. I’ll gett off of this soon, I promise.)

Open Discourse

Think about the following topics and put in your thoughts, or start threads of your own: Pre-Determinism vs. Free Will: Is free will an illusion or do we actually hold our fate in our hands? George Bush: Is he really a conservative (as opposed to a Nixon-style Republican)? Why? Illegal Immigrants: Legalize, tolerate, or deport?… Read more Open Discourse

US Doctors Use Cryonic Suspension to Save Lives

For those of you interested in cryonic suspension and life-extending technologies, here’s an interesting read from the Sydney Morning Herrald: “US doctors have developed a method of inducing hypothermia to shut down the body’s functions for up to three hours. In tests, they reduced the body temperature of injured pigs from 37C to 10C before… Read more US Doctors Use Cryonic Suspension to Save Lives

In This Corner, “The Iron Stomach!”

This is not a joke. There’s a guy at my company who routinely has the absolute weirdest meals! Here’s a real (as in “today’s menu”) sample:

Breakfast: Lime yogurt.
Snack: Bowl of Olives. Half an hour later we he finds that the olives didn’t work out too well, but that’s resolved easily enough: just cram down 3 or 4 chocolate candy bars.
Lunch: Pastrami Sandwich and Bowl of Ice Cream.

I’ll not risk taking a peek at the dinner table.


After about of month of neglecting it, I finally checked one of the numerous email accounts not housed on this server. I was prety surprised to find that I didn’t have that much mail, though what was there was pretty interesting. (It’s amazing the kind of things you find in old, unkept email accounts.)