Seriously, What Can I Eat?

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This is a total rant. Nothing of value here other than ranting, so if you don’t feel like reading a rant, skip this. (Of course, you can check the post for the awesome salad dressing recipe found within, but don’t bother reading anything else if you don’t want to read a rant.) I’m getting sick of this. No, really, the …

So, When Should I Start Caring?

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I belong to more than a few email groups. Usually, these are for subjects I wish to learn on: psychology, health, writing, philosophy, etc. Recently I joined a particular health group because I wanted to find out more about a particular condition, one that isn’t well studied but which is being revealed as being more prominent than people once thought. …

Life Updates

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Talk about one heck of a week! I know you probably haven’t been wondering about why I haven’t posted all that much recently (well, other than “why hasn’t Gnorb posted more? Hmm…”), but I’ll explain anyway. This has been one really screwy week. I’ll start with last night and sort of jump around from there.

Battlestar Galactica, Season 1 Observations

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I just finished watching the first season of the new Sci-Fi Chanel version of Battlestar Gallactica. I wrote about it before, after having seen the opening movie, and while I wasn’t too impressed, I liked what I saw. (Luckily in sci-fi there are only two kinds of movies: good movies and funny movies. The first are usually intentional and very …

MySpace: Pigeonhole Madness and Web Design Insanity

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As I’ve admitted before, I have a penchant for doing those tests which pigeonhole you into a particular category. Some are good, some are hilarious, and most just plain suck. Ever since I joined MySpace a week (or so) ago, I’ve seen more of those things than I could have possibly ever imagined. Seriously, it’s like everyone there has one …

Follow Up: Anti-Muslim Cartoons are a No-No, but Anti-Christian? Have At It!

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This is a follow up to this article (Anti-Muslim Cartoon Exposes Media Hypocrisy): Depicting Muhammed in a manner that might be offensive is not only taboo, it’s not proper use of “freedom of speech.” But offending Christians by purposely depicting Jesus insultingly? Well if that’s not freedom of speech then I don’t know what is! Here’s exactly what I’m talking …

Merry Chr.. err… Happy Hol… uhm… Hi.

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You know, I really need to get one of those “mood” things to indicate how I feel when I write about something. Frankly, that’d probably make my life easier; I wouldn’t have to explain myself as much. (Not like I don’t do that anyway in real life, almost to the point of confusion.) So here it is, THE “holiday-which-must-not-be-named” weekend. …