Catholic Rebirth

I was raised a Catholic. Sort of. My family wasn’t particularly religious, although I did go to Catholic schools until the fourth grade. After that, I moved to the US, went to public school, and attended Baptist churches for a while where I was told that the Catholic church worshiped Mary over Jesus, and that… Read more Catholic Rebirth

Le Linkage #14: The Humans in Technology Edition

Alright, folks: time for another edition of Le Linkage, the incidental series chronicling some of the more interesting pages I find in my stumbles through the Web. Today’s episode features stories about Nigerian scammers, anthropology, human enhancement, science fiction, some humor, and of course, another simple online game. Enjoy.

Futurama as Anime

I just thought this was incredibly cool: a guy decided to do a draw up showing what Futurama may have looked like as an anime. Click the image for the full size one. Aside from the complete lack of tentacles, short skirted uniforms showing off white panties, mecha [Edit: D’oh! Forgot, Bender and Tinny Tim.],… Read more Futurama as Anime

Free Cold Stone Ice Cream

Expires on January 31, 2007. Otherwise, have at it. If you haven’t had Cold Stone ice cream, do yourself a favor and try it out, then use this to pick up some for someone special. You can print it out without any of the extra Gnorb.NET stuff here

Le Linkage #11

Ok, so the election has passed and I can now get back to regular blogging, right? Actually, the election’s been over for a while and I’ve just needed a break from real blogging (as if I’ve ever actually done any of that before). At any rate, it’s (about darn) time for another episode of Le… Read more Le Linkage #11