One Bit Better

[I]f the question of perfection means wading through hell and back for some minuscule attempt to be better than you already are, because I love what I do, I see nothing wrong in that. I guess that’s what passion is about. — Edrei Zahari of Footsteps in the Mirror, in response to Quality: When Enough… Read more One Bit Better

We Are Alive

…[W]e are alive and that it is gift and privilege, not right. We must earn life once it has been awarded to us. Life asks for rewards back because it has favored us with animation. — Ray Bradbury, Zen in the Art of Writing When was the last time you looked at the world around… Read more We Are Alive

Nothing stranger

The brown book I carry says there is nothing stranger than to explore a city wholly different from all those one knows, since to do so is to explore a second and unsuspected self. I have found a thing stranger: to explore such a city only after one has lived in it for some time… Read more Nothing stranger