The Code Linux

An hour-long documentary on Linux and the Open Source movement. It’s mostly in English, with a few Finish or Swedish bits (they both sound the same to me). Includes interviews with Linus Torvalds, John “Maddog” Hall, Eric S. Raymond, Ari Lemmke, among others. Very interesting if you want to know more about Linux, how Open… Read more The Code Linux

Le Linkage #9

Alright, too much car talk, as was recently pointed out by a reader. Time for another edition of Le Linkage to move things in another direction! (Actually it was moving in another direction anyway, and there are another couple of car posts coming up. My sister’s car was just stolen, so I’m helping her find… Read more Le Linkage #9

Le Linkage #3

More links, more fun, and some tools for your blogging enjoyment. ###### SemioLogic: WordPress is a wonderful tool, but if you’re looking for a CMS, by itself WordPress just isn’t enough. The SemioLogic WordPress plugin turns your blogging software into more of a content management system, allowing you to set up both static content sites… Read more Le Linkage #3