The Code Linux

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An hour-long documentary on Linux and the Open Source movement. It’s mostly in English, with a few Finish or Swedish bits (they both sound the same to me). Includes interviews with Linus Torvalds, John “Maddog” Hall, Eric S. Raymond, Ari Lemmke, among others. Very interesting if you want to know more about Linux, how Open Source projects are developed, or …

Microsoft Is Set to Give Linux a Boost

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That headline is wrong in so many ways. Still, here’s a bit of the news from The Wall Street Journal: Microsoft Corp. is entering into an unusual partnership with Novell Inc. that gives a boost to the Linux operating system, a rival to the software giant’s Windows software, according to people familiar with the companies. Under the pact, which isn’t …

Le Linkage #9

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Alright, too much car talk, as was recently pointed out by a reader. Time for another edition of Le Linkage to move things in another direction! (Actually it was moving in another direction anyway, and there are another couple of car posts coming up. My sister’s car was just stolen, so I’m helping her find a car. Not that I’ll …

Switching to Ubuntu

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After my long (and generally happy) days with Linspire, I’ve finally decided to make the switch to Ubuntu Linux. What can I say? I’m a sucker for distributions, and having tried it a while back, then hearing how much it’s improved, I decided to take another shot I at it. Man, am I ever glad I did. Now, before I …

Le Linkage #3

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More links, more fun, and some tools for your blogging enjoyment. ###### SemioLogic: WordPress is a wonderful tool, but if you’re looking for a CMS, by itself WordPress just isn’t enough. The SemioLogic WordPress plugin turns your blogging software into more of a content management system, allowing you to set up both static content sites and dynamic content sites from …

Which Linux Distribution Should I Use?

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I’ve heard the question way too many times: “With all the bajillions of Linux distributions out there, how are people supposed to know which is for them? I mean, Linux just needs to come out with one distribution and that’s it.” Of course, every time I hear this, I visibly cringe. (There are more things wrong with this statement than …

Inspired by Linspire

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About a week ago, I made a decision I hadn’t made in a number of years: I paid for a Linux-related product. The last time I did that was when I bought a copy of SimplyMEPIS in late 2003/early 2004, I honestly don’t remember when. At that time, I was doing some work with Robin ‘roblimo’ Miller and upon his …

MS Reacts to IE Gains on Firefox

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From LinuxInsider: The open-source Firefox browser may be the new kid in town, but Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) is out to show that the sheriff is back with a vengeance, according to some analysts. New figures from Web monitoring firm Net Applications reveal that Microsoft regained some ground from alternate browsers — including Firefox — last month. Think Microsoft’s even noticed? …

Finding Linux ISOs

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When it comes to software, there’s nothing I love more than testing out Linux distribuitons. That’s why whenever I find a good download site, whether on the Web or FTP, I like to bookmark it. Until recently, my favorite Linux download site was Great resource, really, although I find that it’s not kept as up to date as I …

Windows Vs. Linux: A (Short) Google Ad Tale

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I saw this Google ad a few weeks ago, and a recent message in the Suncoast Linux Users Group‘s mailing list reminded me of just how funny I thought this was: Linux Comparison Get The Facts: Windows vs. Linux. Read The Independent Analysis Now. Uhm… independent?