Le Linkage #11

Ok, so the election has passed and I can now get back to regular blogging, right? Actually, the election’s been over for a while and I’ve just needed a break from real blogging (as if I’ve ever actually done any of that before). At any rate, it’s (about darn) time for another episode of Le… Read more Le Linkage #11

Ode to Donald Rumsfeld

I was going to post this a bit later (since I already did something similar), but in light of the recent news, I’ve decided to eulogize the great Rumsfeld’s career as Secretary of Defense in the only way I knew how. I present to you… Donald Rumsfeld, Kung-Fu Master.

UNICEF Blog Spam?

It’s all the rage: government and international governmental bodies using blogs to get out their message. Why, the US military has been using blogs for years to confuse terrorist search engines like Yahoo! and DogPile. Later on, other government agencies, such as the FCC limbered up their lifeless fingers and stiffly attempted to write something… Read more UNICEF Blog Spam?