Bill Cosby at Carnegie Mellon: “Where the Nerds Stand Tall”

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Nerd: A prepared person who doesn’t give a damn about the dance. — Bill Cosby Bill Cosby’s keynote speech in Carnegie Mellon University. I found it interesting because there have been plenty of times in my life when I doubted myself–as we all have. At times I’ve given into that doubt. At time’s I’ve overcome it. The biggest lesson I’ve …

The Greatest Microsoft Word Error Message?

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Got this while using Word 2007: (Click image for full size image.) If you’re too lazy to click on the image, here’s what it says: “There are too many spelling or grammatical errors in ‘Core.docx’ to continue displaying them…” How bad of a speller do you have to be to get THIS error message? Holy Zombies, this is embarrassing. I… …

Why I Want to Get an AppleTV

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(If you can, read this post out loud. Who knows, others may thank you. Or they may threaten you with assault. Either way, a good time will be had by all.) For a while now, I’ve been buying shows on DVD. Why? Because I don’t want to have to endure one second of a show I can’t stand. It’s been …

Life Lessons

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Been working on writing comics. Thought I’d put something random up. Drawn by the awesome (and frighteningly fit) Adrian Parchment, script by li’l ol’ me. Created in War and Pieces during their weekly Artists’ Workshop. If you’re near Davie, FL, feel free to come join us every Sunday from 2-ish to 6-ish. EDIT: You know, “Watch time fly” would have …

Le Linkage #16: Around the Blogosphere

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While I’ve tried — in vain — I haven’t been able to get one of these out (to my own disdain). Again, the glut of ideas currently swishing around my brain is like water around a drain: round and round it goes, and not in vain if I take this opportunity to sha… daing. Alright, so that didn’t work out …

Someone’s Idea of a Joke

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People at work know I’m a blogger. People that read my blog may know that, by profession, I’m a technical writer. Yesterday, someone at work thought I would find the following comic both funny and applicable. I did.

Le Linkage #14: The Humans in Technology Edition

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Alright, folks: time for another edition of Le Linkage, the incidental series chronicling some of the more interesting pages I find in my stumbles through the Web. Today’s episode features stories about Nigerian scammers, anthropology, human enhancement, science fiction, some humor, and of course, another simple online game. Enjoy.

It Burst Into Flames And Killed My Daughter: A PS3 Review

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Edit: Since the time when I originally put this up, the review has been taken down from Amazon, so here for your enjoyment is the whole thing, an atrociously hillarious review from the most irresponsible father in all of history.: It burst into flames and killed my daughter, November 19, 2006 Fun = 1 star out of 5. Overall = …