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Lesson Earned

I don’t like Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hardly a Scrooge. I LOVE the holiday! But there’s always something that bothers me about receiving gifts. (By this logic, I also dislike my birthday, something everyone around me can attest is entirely false.) Here’s the deal: receiving gifts–or payments, or praises for that matter–bothers me when I don’t feel like I’ve earned them. In fact, it makes me feel pretty terrible. Humbled, but terrible.


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Posted by Gnorb - January 3, 2012 at 6:08 pm

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Journal Entry

medicijournalIt was a splurge. Not an impulsive purchase, mind you, but a splurge nevertheless.

For the past two months, every visit to a nearby Barnes and Noble either started or ended with a trip to that section of the store where beautifully ornate but overpriced journals are kept, displayed in such a way that even the blind could appreciate their beauty. Some of them are bright, others subtle; some come in hard or soft covers while others seem to be somewhere in between; they’re bound in leather, and plastic, and cardboard; some look as if they were designed to become fixtures upon desks while still others look as if they were meant to be tossed in a small bag and taken on a hike in the forrest, where a writer would note nature-inspired tales and observations.

On a trip to Puerto Rico in 2001, one of these–a small, black journal with a soft-leather cover containing two spots for writing implements and a string to tie the thing shut–became the preferred recording device of thought, conversations, and observations made during the visit. It was a place in which ideas and descriptions and pictures and memories could dance. That journal’s still around, siting in a box in a storage closet, stuffed with post cards, pictures, and other memorabilia.

That trip was eight years ago. Was it time to get another?  Read more…

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Posted by Gnorb - August 31, 2009 at 7:30 am

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Tarzan Never Showed Up

For a long time no one mowed the back yard. The grass grew and grew until it was almost as tall as me. Being four years old, that meant the grass was at most three feet tall, probably two, which is pretty high by most modern standards. At that time dad still hadn’t set the foundation for the addition to the house, an addition that wouldn’t happen while we still lived there, so the whole back yard was unkempt grass and along the fence some bushes.

One day, when mom was doing the laundry, she looked at the back yard told me, “That grass is so high Tarzan’s going to make his next movie in our back yard.” This was the greatest news any four year old could get: Tarzan would be coming to my house to make a movie in my back yard!  Read more…

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Posted by Gnorb - June 1, 2009 at 7:33 am

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Karen Armstrong: Charter for Compassion

I caught this talk from and thought it so very inspiring and holding such significance that I felt it needed more than just a share via Google Reader, it needed to be reposted.

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Posted by Gnorb - February 10, 2009 at 5:12 pm

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The World According to the Bottom Bunk

We didn’t have beds when we first moved to the US. The four of us shared two small chair beds my parents got, probably from Goodwill. (I should really ask them about that.) Both were broken, so instead of folding out into a bed they sort of split into two pieces. The lucky one that night got the end with the pillow/back attachment. Between my brother and me, I was usually the lucky one. Anyway, he was a lot shorter, so he needed less space. Still, it wasn’t long before getting real beds became a priority.  Read more…

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Posted by Gnorb - February 9, 2009 at 7:00 am

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Quality: When Enough Is Enough

You know, I thought about publishing a post about a game with Fark tags and headlines, but I simply couldn’t bring myself to post it. Why? Because of something I think about too often, as I’m sure has anyone who’s ever considered their blog to be more than simply a sounding board. I’m talking about the big Q:

Quality. Read more…

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Posted by Gnorb - May 23, 2008 at 1:08 pm

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Instant Cowboy: Fat Daisy

Alright folks, here it is, just in time to spice up your weekend: the sequel to the surprisingly popular (judging by the people who have actually come up to me and told me they liked it) Instant Cowboy: Just Add Water. Actually, this is a prequel, not a sequel, and tells the story of Fat Daisy, a comic book shop owner, and the two boys who find a powerful secret.

Did I do an OK sales job? If I didn’t — and I probably didn’t — forgive me: I’m new at that. For now, just enjoy the story. (By the way, this is a pretty long story — 8250 words! — so I’ve made it available on a PDF. You can choose to download it double spaced (33 pages), or single spaced (15 pages). And, of course, you can continue reading on the site to understand a bit of how this story came about, as well as to read it online.)

Read more…

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Posted by Gnorb - October 12, 2007 at 8:16 am

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The Misconception of Credit Card Debt

Note: When I started writing this post I didn’t think it was going to get as in depth as it has. As such, I recommend you take a paper and a pencil and jot some notes on the issues I discuss here. The world of credit and credit cards can be a scary thing, but if you break it down, it’s actually not that complicated. Convoluted, yes, but not complicated. I’ve tried to make things as simple as possible, but I can only do so much: your brain has to do the rest. I trust you’re an intelligent individual, or else you wouldn’t be reading this, so put on your thinking caps and start reading!

A few days ago, someone over at 9Rules Notes asked about the best financial advice others could offer to someone coming out of college. Some of the answers were traditional, some where a bit “out there”, but the one that caught my eye was this one:

Get one credit card (one!) to build credit, but pay off every cent before you get charged a penny of interest.

She goes on to talk about a few items I not only totally agree with, but have started to live and swear by (treating savings and investments as fixed, monthly expenses; treating yourself once in a while). But it was the statement quoted above that really caught my eye, since it highlighted a misunderstanding of the purpose of credit and credit cards. (This is not to say that the author doesn’t understand these, but it does speak of a somewhat limited view of credit which tends to limit the available financial options at the disposal of most individuals.)

Most people think of credit cards as money they can borrow when their funds run low. They also think of credit as something that builds up over time if you take care of your bills on time. While both of these statements can be true (depending on your particular situation), they miss the point of the entire credit score and credit card system. Read more…

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Posted by Gnorb - July 6, 2007 at 8:51 am

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Developing a Financial Plan

One thing The Wife and I have realized that as much as we’ve focused on finances over the life of our marriage, neither of us had ever suggested actually making a step-by-step plan for financial freedom — until this past weekend. Read more…

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Posted by Gnorb - June 19, 2007 at 1:18 pm

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Why the Free Press is Like Your Car’s Maintenance Light

A thought occurred to me yesterday which I was rather surprised at having thought, since it came to me so seemingly randomly, having the qualities of the sudden recollection of a fleeting dream, coming with such force and clarity so as to make me question from whence it came.

The press — newspapers, reporters, investigators, and yes, even blogs (well, some of them) — is, collectively, like the “Maintenance Required” light on your car. Read more…

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Posted by Gnorb - May 2, 2007 at 9:08 am

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