Failed Experiment

I failed, and that is a good thing. Even better is that I know why: because I forgot what was important.

When I re-launched this site a while back, I planned on writing one weekly post about some sort of memory or history, and maybe other posts about whatever I wanted. The first post would be featured on the front page, while the other posts would be stored away in their own categories, accessible to anyone but promoted only to RSS subscribers, people who follow me on Twitter or who have access to my Facebook page. (Save your Facebook “privacy” jokes.)

Of course, it didn’t turn out that way. With the new format, I suddenly found myself in the position of having to write a great piece in order to justify its positioning in the front page. And that piece had to be about my (or someone else’s) past. There were a few obvious problems, however…

Ads in RSS Feeds

If you’re reading this via RSS you’ll notice that a small ad unit has been added to the bottom of some of the articles. Obviously, this is done in order to monetize the content, which I can really only continue if it pays for itself (I’m not exactly making a killing here, folks, just enough… Read more Ads in RSS Feeds

Typos and Time

[T]ypos will lurk and creep and scuttle on the edges of the text and, despite my best efforts, jump out and wave furiously at everyone as soon as I’m done… from Neil Gaiman’s Journal. You know, I should start a “quotes” miniblog or something. Anyway, I’ve been thinking about what to write. I have the… Read more Typos and Time

Bumpy Ride

Just a heads up. Seems like a problem with the site, so I’m taking care of a number of things. If things seem weird for the next — oh, week or so — I beg your pardon.


Just as a heads up: I’m out to Puerto Rico tonight, so no updates for the next week. In addition to the recent slowdown in updates, I guess that means I’m in full hiatus mode. It’s fine I should be there, however: I’ve been drained as of late, and ideas seem not to come to… Read more Silence