My Letters to Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite

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For RSS Readers: Yes, this is a political post. My blog, my POV, generally uncensored (although I keep it pretty clean). Sorry if you don’t like. I rarely, if ever mix politics with anything else, but this was important. If you ARE interested in more articles like this one, please see ReformHealthCare.US, which I also run. Recently I wrote my …

A Brown Year

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August. September. October. November. December. Everything I remember about 1989 took place during these months. As for what happened before then I really don’t remember, so I couldn’t tell you. In any case, it is unimportant to our story, except to say that it wasn’t brown. I was, however, coming out of a dark age, which is a strange thing …

So Wait… USF is Ranked WHAT?!

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First, a warning: This article isn’t about writing, or finances, or personal development, so if you’re here only to read that kind of article, you can skip this. This article’s about college football, and trying to figure out what the hell is going on this year. In short, I’m starting to wonder about the increasingly real possibility that the University …

A Land Not Soon Forgotten

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Just a heads up, I’ve just published an article for a British site, Calling America, titled A Land Not Soon Forgotten. (The title was a play on the title of the book Land Remembered, which traces the story of the fictional MacIvey family of Florida from 1858 to 1968.) Here’s their synopsis of the story: A story about a young …

My Monsters

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“OK,” he said. He put another blank sheet of paper on top of the small folding table in front of me, sat back, and crossed his legs. “Now draw a monster.”

Dell: No Accidental Damage Coverage in Florida

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The Wife and I are in the process of looking for a new laptop. Our old Inspiron 8000 (20GB HD, 600MHz, 192MB SDRAM, 14″ screen) just isn’t up to the task of running today’s memory hogging, processor intensive, hard drive chugging applications, like Firefox and WinAmp. (Attention Mozilla Foundation: Please fix that damned Firefox memory leak. Browsers shouldn’t need 300+ …

Time to Think

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Have you ever been so completely disoriented in life that it caused your mind to feel like it was imploding? What happened to enjoying a childlike innocence on your perspective of life as you naively walked through a valley of flowers and candy canes? I suppose everyone has to grow up eventually and hit the milestone in life known as …