My History of Bikes

For the record, I bought a bike right after writing this. $100 at Target. $118, if you count the seat I got with it. (The default seat was rather painful.) Tried a number of the thrift stores, but none had adult-sized bikes.

Planet China, or When We Were Still the Center of the Universe

Probably the biggest influence during my childhood years, at least insofar as an understanding of the astronomical universe was concerned, was an old encyclopedia my mom bought my sister and I. In it, there was a picture of the solar system. Being the science nut that I was, I delved into it like other kids… Read more Planet China, or When We Were Still the Center of the Universe

Visiting a Friend

We walked into the care facility not really knowing what to expect. This was my first time here, and while Jack had previously visited (only once), he didn’t know whether Art would be able to see us. Jack’s wife, Jill, was also there, though she’d never before met Art and only once, accidentally, met me.

Avalanche Lake

The day was cloudy, cold. Drizzling drops gathered on the leaves of trees, eventually making their way down to the forest floor. We walked in silence on the well-worn, muddy path on the mountainside, between trees and boulders, the only sounds being those of our steps and the river running along side us. The mountains… Read more Avalanche Lake


At the beginning of the year, I made a list of items I resolved to accomplish. (I called them resolutions, but frequent commenter Junior corrected me.) However, life’s been pushing in its own direction, and things from my past, which I cannot control, have come back to determine the path of my future. While I’m… Read more Walkabout