Life Lessons

Been working on writing comics. Thought I’d put something random up. Drawn by the awesome (and frighteningly fit) Adrian Parchment, script by li’l ol’ me. Created in War and Pieces during their weekly Artists’ Workshop. If you’re near Davie, FL, feel free to come join us every Sunday from 2-ish to 6-ish. EDIT: You know,… Read more Life Lessons

Ex Machina

Unlike every other hero I can remember, Mitchel Hundred isn’t wealthy. At all. In fact, the guy lives in low-income housing. Until he becomes the major of New York. So what catapults a nobody engineer working for the city to the city’s highest office? How about a jetpack, a couple of friends, and the ability… Read more Ex Machina

Le Linkage #11

Ok, so the election has passed and I can now get back to regular blogging, right? Actually, the election’s been over for a while and I’ve just needed a break from real blogging (as if I’ve ever actually done any of that before). At any rate, it’s (about darn) time for another episode of Le… Read more Le Linkage #11

Run, Saga, Run

I’m not one much for comics. Sure, I like them, but ironically enough I usually find myself quickly running out of patience with most of them. The ones I stick around for tend to have one of two qualities. First, they have a spectacular story line. Second, they have spectacular art. Rare is the jewel… Read more Run, Saga, Run