Lee Iacocca: Speaking Out

If you’ve ever read Lee Iacocca’s autobiography (Iacocca: An Autobiography), or heard any of the history surrounding him, you know one thing: he’s a straight shooter. (If you haven’t read his biography, for the love of God, go to your library and pick it up, or buy it at a bookstore somewhere. Heck, most thrift… Read more Lee Iacocca: Speaking Out

Notes From Donald Trump’s “How to Get Rich”

The following are some points that stood out to me while reading How to Get Rich, by Donald Trump, listed here by chapter. I’ve bolded both chapter titles (which are lessons in themselves) and extremely important points within the quotes. I’ve also added some personal observations in [brackets].

Le Linkage #14: The Humans in Technology Edition

Alright, folks: time for another edition of Le Linkage, the incidental series chronicling some of the more interesting pages I find in my stumbles through the Web. Today’s episode features stories about Nigerian scammers, anthropology, human enhancement, science fiction, some humor, and of course, another simple online game. Enjoy.

Life Updates

Talk about one heck of a week! I know you probably haven’t been wondering about why I haven’t posted all that much recently (well, other than “why hasn’t Gnorb posted more? Hmm…”), but I’ll explain anyway. This has been one really screwy week. I’ll start with last night and sort of jump around from there.