Alice: A Dark Tale

New video time! In this Halloween short, the White Rabbit meets Alice for the first and last time. But don’t get ahead of yourself: the end is the beginning is the end. While I wrote the screenplay for this, the fact is that this piece was a team effort by Wicked Window Productions. They gave me… Read more Alice: A Dark Tale

New Film: Resurgence

I’ve been busy these past few months learning about filmmaking, especially the writing side of things, but also about the audio recording/sound mixing side. Most of that learning came via Wicked Window Productions‘s latest film, Resurgence. This was presented at the 2013 Action Film Challenge. It’s about 15 minutes long, and received nominations for Best Actress,… Read more New Film: Resurgence

The Real Bears

So, there’s a video that came out a few months ago called “The Real Bears“. It’s a PSA (public service announcement) that talks about the dangers of drinking too many sugary drinks, particularly cola. In fact, it’s a spoof on the famous Coca-Cola bears. You know, the polar bears in those heart warming winter and… Read more The Real Bears

Sometimes a deal with the Devil is a prerequisite to reaching Heaven

After a LOT of consideration, I’ve come to realize that if I want to play with the latest and greatest tech, get my hands dirty with cool new software, and really geek out with my cell phone or tablet, I have to switch to Android. Chrome easily the best default mobile browser. Android offers, hands… Read more Sometimes a deal with the Devil is a prerequisite to reaching Heaven