6 thoughts on “Sometimes I Hate Firefox

  1. I’d suggest disabling all of your extensions and then selectively re-enabling them one at a time to see if one or more of them are the culprit. It may be that you can do without one or find a replacement or update that will fix much of your memory usage problem.

    If you do find out which one(s) is the major memory eater, I’d be interested to know.

    – A

  2. Part of something I wrote only a few days ago:

    “I’m seriously considering ditching Firefox, for casual browsing at least. It’s ironic that while its endless catalogue of add-ons makes it the superior browser, it also turns it into a sloth, unusable for any serious surfing, tagging, posting and what have you. […] But then again, what good is browsing if it’s merely casual and you have to open FF every time to do some interacting, networking or socializing?”

    Interesting peek at your add-ons there, though.

  3. Nils, it’s not necessarily the case that a large number of addons turns Firefox into a sloth. It could be one add-on or two that are problematic. I’ve run with 8-10 addons for long periods of time with no performance degradation but then installed the wrong one and had Firefox on its knees.

    – A

  4. Perhaps some of the problems might caused by multiple extensions performing the same or similar functions, causing redundancy.

    I’m curious about that anti-keylogger plugin you have. Exactly how does it work?

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