Music for the body and mind?

It’s funny to think that my first article for this blog would be about a subject that I actually know very little on and yet here I am. For the past few months I have given my health far more consideration than I did in the past. This includes both dieting and exercising. Frankly I am very pleased with the effects, but today I noticed something rather strange. Senior had come across to buying an iPod a week ago. Today he just happened to just leave it home, where I just happened to come across it. Having gone to the gym, I have seen many people bring cd players and mp3 players while exercising. I figure I will give it a try, see if it makes any difference in my performance. Personally I doubted any real significant effect, because the body just has limitations right? So I thought.

Previously my beliefs that bringing a device to listen to music on was to keep the mind distracted from the “pain” or “burn” of exercising. If you were focused on something, time would fly by as they say. It’s kind of like when Einstein talked about how if you were sitting with a pretty girl, your attention would be focused on her. As a result of that, the time you spend with the pretty girl may feel like moments, when in all actuality it was an hour or two. That is the primary reason I brought the iPod with me. Hey if something can take my mind off of a form of pain, I am all for it.

However, when I was doing my run to burn off some excess calories, I observed something very interesting. It seemed that every time a fast paced song or really “exciting” part of a song (usually the chorus) came up, I got a “second wind” of sorts. It did not matter if I was at the top of the hill on the machine or on the bottom, but I found myself running harder and faster. To be quite honest I was rather confused at this at first, but then it did not seem so strange to me. There have been countless studies on the effects of music on the human body, as in how the body responds to certain music as well as what kind of music the body prefers. Maybe what I was experiencing during my run was the response my body was giving to very up-tempo music. Whatever the reason, it was an incredible feeling, enough so to make me put down buying one of these iPods on my list of goals.

Now for those of you who are wondering, Yes the use of music did actually help me take my mind off the burn I usually feel while running. The time did feel like it passed by faster, and I was not constantly thinking about how bad my legs hurt or wondering how much longer I would force myself to keep running. I think it is important to note though, that this effect did not occur when the music was at a pleasant listening volume, or just kind of low. I had to blast the thing so it was the only thing I could focus on in my head. Usually when I run I can think about a dozen different things without any real line connecting each thought. With the music blasting into my ears though, my attention was focused there. This was of course, just my experience; I am not saying this is how things are. I would be interested in hearing if people have similar or even radically different experiences with the use of music while exercising. I am thinking about experimenting with different genres of music. Again I am all open to ideas.

And now I close with, don’t be too hard on my writing with my first article! I enjoyed writing this, welcome any constructive criticism, and hope to write some more articles for this site. Gnorb is a very good guy and I like to read most of the articles he has here. Well, now he has some competition eh?

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