Psst… Wanna See Something Cool?

Check out the Sandbox to get a taste of the changes coming to Gnorb.NET. Cleaner design, faster response, and less scrolling. Also there’s a special treat for those of you who go check it out, an article you’ll only see there. (Alright, so you won’t just see it there, but you won’t see it here. And it’s pretty funny, so go read it.) [Edit: FYI, the new design won’t work in IE6 or older. Don’t want to use IE7? I highly recommend Opera. And then, of course, there’s always the memory hogging awesomeness that is Firefox].

I know I haven’t been writing much as of late. That’s about to change, though, since after all this time I’ve finally been able to bring a number of things under control. I’ll share my experiences and observations later on, but for now head over to the Sandbox and tell me what you think. Remember, the theme is currently in Alpha, which means it works, but just barely, so excuse all the dead links. It’s based on the Grid Focus theme by fellow 9Rules member Derek Punsalan, although I’ve mutated it beyond most recognition. Any comments about the theme, suggestions, and requests can be made either here or there. Just remember that comments made there will eventually be wiped out. Finally, if you’re supposed to be in the “Friends & More” list, don’t worry: you’ll be back, and have a fairly prominent position. Dunno what’s going on with this theme right now, but there’s supposed to be a list populating on the sidebar with your names and links. I’m guessing it has to do with the recent upgrade to WordPress 2.2.

Anyway, go there. Now. Tell me what you think. As a bonus, the most helpful folk(s) will get a “special thanks” link at the footer of this page. Think of it as free advertisement on a PR 5 webpage. Alright, now stop reading and go check it out.

2 thoughts on “Psst… Wanna See Something Cool?

  1. Hey, the sandboxed theme looks good. It’s a lot cleaner than your current theme. Also, better organized so its easier to quickly find what you’re looking for. A few points for constructive criticism:

    -The top-menu link descriptions are too gray. I find them impossible to read on that orange BG without mousing over them.
    – The links in the “Friends” section on the bottom dissapear into the background on mouseover.
    – The site tagline seems a bit oddly placed. Maybe put it closer to the site name?

    Also, why is the number 5 boxed in the top right corner?
    Otherwise, I think it’d be a good overall improvement.

  2. Points taken and applied! Thanks for the suggestions. Feel free to comment on the changes made. I think I’m about ready to roll it out this week, if not tonight.

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