Taking a short hiatus from blogging. I’ll be back by the end of the week. As of late I’ve been trying to juggle a bunch of things (all of which are important) and they’re all zapping my blogging juices.

For the record, currently my brain is being filled with financial information, how to increase my asset base, how to evaluate a business (as well as my own finances better), and whether or not The Wife and I will be moving out of town, whether we’ll be buying a house soon, and whether that house will be in Florida or somewhere else. (We know we’re moving — our apartment complex is giving us the runaround, we have a squatter living below us in a complete pig sty, mold is in the walls, and these people are moving no faster than slugs on pot — the question is where. Another apartment? A house? Tampa? North Carolina? Texas? The dark side of the moon? Ten feet to the right? Two steps forward, one step back?)

I actually have a couple of incomplete stories in the back end, and since I’ve been working on fiction recently, I may publish some short stories here (between 4,000 and 10,000 words), but for the moment, I’m pooped. In the mean time, go out to 9Rules and check out the Commentary section. Lots of good reading there. (You can go to 9Rules by clicking on the leaf image on the sidebar.)

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