Someone’s Idea of a Joke

People at work know I’m a blogger. People that read my blog may know that, by profession, I’m a technical writer. Yesterday, someone at work thought I would find the following comic both funny and applicable. I did.

pointy haired boss starts a blog
pointy haired boss starts a blog

This actually brings up a memory. I used to work at a place where my real-life pointy-haired boss wanted to get into the whole “blogging” thing. Problem was that his idea of a blog was Fark. Oops! Smooth move there, Ex-lax. So, for months on end he tortured both me and the blogosphere by forcing us to endure “his” thoughts on the tech industry via this weird snippy, snide blog/Fark wannabe thing, complaining in ways that were almost verbatim to the comic. (“This isn’t witty enough” was one of the complaints, if I remember correctly. Also “it’s too long. Make it shorter, funnier, but with more info.” Really.) I’m happy to report that last I checked that bane to the Web had been eliminated. (Actually, the blog was a great idea which had just been horribly, horribly implemented.)

Anyway, about the comic: thing is, the person who dropped this off on my desk never told me who they were, so I don’t know who to thank for the VERY appropriate laugh. Instead I’ll just thank Dilbert’s creator, Scott Adams.

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