Taking a Break

You’ll have to pardon the lack of updates as of late. A recent set of events, including travel, family, and other personal (health-ish) issues have drained the writing juices for the time being. I’ll be posting a few educational videos and a few links for the next few days, maybe even a few punny jokes, at least until I can get the juices flowing again.


  • Currently reading: A Secret Atlas (Michael A. Stackpole); I, Robot (Issac Asimov) [Edit: Finished! Phenomenal book.]; The Anti-Inflammation Zone (Barry Sears)
  • Currently watching: Nothing, surprisingly, although I think The Wife wants me to watch The Illusionist.
  • Currently studying: Ray Kurzweil.
  • Currently writing: Fiction. Been writing some as of late. May actually publish some of it here, if I don’t think I can sell it. Most of the stuff I’m producing now I’m not entirely sure I can, if for no other reason that I don’t yet have the tools to put a good fiction story together.

That about does it. Anti-climactic? Thought so. Go enjoy some out of season Christmas music (which I caught on the YouTube front page), done by people to whom the Internet has sadly enabled with the ability to share their singing voices. It’s painfully hypnotic. Painfully… hypnotic… painfully… heh… hehe… hehehe… puppet bird…


Actually, after a while they don’t sound all that bad. Not all that good, either, but not all that bad. No worse than people I normally live my life around at any rate. And some holiday music is always welcome: there aren’t anywhere nearly enough good Easter songs.

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