Just Got Back from Philly (and a Gnorb.NET Update)

This is just a quick note for any regular readers: I just came back from out of town (was in Philly), so if you commented sometime after Thursday night, your comments have finally been approved and let out of the moderation queue. While I had Internet access out there, once I got there I realized I didn’t want to spend time doing that when I could be taking in the sights (and taking care of the business for which I was actually there, an educational conference).

For those of you in Philly, I gotta tell you: you folks have a spectacular city, with every sort of folk (most of which are actually friendly, if they bother to notice that you exist) and almost anything to do at any time. One of the funnest places I’ve been in, really. Unfortunatelly, it’s uglier than sin, beautified only by the ultra-large murals painted outside of buildings (especially the dragon one visible from 8th Street, in the Chinatown area) — which serve to accentuate just how ugly the city is at times. I couldn’t help but think of the descriptions of Dickens’s Victorian-age England, an interweaving of majestic, storied cities (or in this case, neighborhoods) and seemingly derelict areas.

Don’t you just love these modern day paradoxes? Best of times, worst of times… you get the idea.

3 thoughts on “Just Got Back from Philly (and a Gnorb.NET Update)

  1. I think that’s the plight of most North Eastern cities this time of year, though. Even the most beautiful of cities can look gray and depressing in early spring. Unlike Florida, I am sure, which I presume to be nice and sunny and inviting year round 😉

    Glad you’re back!

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