I (heart) PS3/FF7

I’m sure by the time you read this you’ll have already read about it, but Sony just unveiled the new PlayStation 3 at this year’s E3. (Here’s a bit more info from GameSpot.)

Honestly, I wasn’t exactly getting all hot and bothered about it until I saw this Final Fantasy 7 technology preview.


Now, if you don’t know much about video games or RPGs (role playing games), Final Fantasy 7 (or FF7, for short) is considered by many (including myself) to be the single best RPG ever. And although the game’s graphics were previously hindered by the horespower under the original PlayStation’s hood, it was still considered a graphical marvel in its day. Today, graphics like that will get you a $9.99 sticker at the Best Buy bargain bin.

But for fans of the game, this technology preview makes our beloved FF7 look like it should. The characters even have normal sized shoes!

Again, check out the tech preview from GameSpot (streamed) here.

No word yet AFAIK about a re-release of the game on the new platform. I’m crossing my fingers, though.

4 thoughts on “I (heart) PS3/FF7

  1. Im just about near a heart attack buddy! i need a new word to describe this feeling here!

    Im a little saddened that square enix, which i maintain is a dumber name than what they were originally called, has no plans to redo ff7. *sniff sniff*

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