Spring Cleaning: Ordinary Days

“Man can withstand anything, except a succession of ordinary days” — Goethe

This quote elegantly summizes something which has been weighng heavily on my mind as of late, so I thought it fitting to post it here.

The need to feel special, to feel individual, to feel that you are doing what truly makes you happy and what you are meant to do is common in all of us. Yet, how many times do we sacrifice our own soul at the altar of fear for the sake of doing something we think we must do at the cost of that which we are meant to do?

The best weapon good wields against great is fear, and the fear of loss is always greater than the desire for more. What do you fear to lose? What do you fear you may have already lost? What, if anything, are you doing to rectify that?

I found myself once again reading Brian Souza’s phenomenal book Become Who You Were Born to Be (now on its second printing) and, like before, the book has completely changed my outlook on life. It seems that some issues were left unresolved the last time I read that book. Serious issues. And it’s time I take them on.

Spring cleaning is upon us.

4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning: Ordinary Days

  1. Perhaps I need to give that one a read . . .

    About the book – I will give it some serious consideration. Definitely. Thanks for the input – I really appreciate it! And hey, no one is ever REALLY prepared to have kids. It’s just something you have to jump into without contemplating it too much. Otherwise, none of us would have children 🙂 GO FOR IT! RAW! RAW! RAW! GONG!

  2. Just for the record, The Wife found your reply insanely hilarious. Thanks for banging the gong again. 😛

    If you need help on the book, again, just ask. After I mentioned this to The Wife, she said she’d buy it in an instant.

    For now, I just need me something fun to read. I’m getting too serious lately. Maybe I should pick up on the Harry Potter series. I hear everyone is pretty much killed off in the last book.

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