Coolest Chair Ever?

This. Looks. Cool.

GRViTONUS Ergonomic Chair

(I wonder how to convince The Wife that I need one of these?)

From the info site:

Recently, a group of researchers involved in medical research for persons with spinal cord injury has decided to design and build a workstation which would most closely answer the needs of general computer users. The result is GRAViTONUS®, a revolutionary multifunctional computerized system, created to provide for optimum ergonomic conditions at work. It enhances users` comfort, improves their productivity and keeps them in good health.

The multifunctional GRAViTONUS® system allows moving the user in space freely. It comes with an on-board computer which constantly analyses positions of a body, measures local temperature and pressure on different body parts. The system adapts to the user depending on his or her psychophysical activity thus creating maximum comfort, anticipating his or her desires

  1. GRAViTONUS® system constantly changes position of a user body to maintain comfort relation with regards to the EGF vector.
  2. Matrox TripleHead capability with special displays attachment which allows to align them perfectly in a user’s best vision area in any body position give an outstanding presence effect.
  3. A “memory” function which allows moving any display closer to the user’s eyes if necessary and returning it back to its initial position.
  4. Special keyboard attachment which allows moving the keyboard freely in 3D and fixing it firmly in space as per the user’s wishes.
  5. Dynamic exoskeleton for both hands.
  6. Air conditioning as well as zone heating of the user’s body where it comes in contact with the platform.
  7. Shadow and glare-free illumination of the working area.
  8. 5.1 Sound system.
  9. Subwoofer is integrated into seat back to add a sensation effect.

If you’ve ever read the book The First Immortal by James L. Halperin, you may remember that in the future, people are trying to ween themselves off devices like this by setting goals to spend only three or four hours per day in one. (I think in their case its a holographic device, but that’s beside the point.) Combine this thing with Second Life or World of Warcraft and a 3D monitor and we have a recipe for addiction. Good bye television, hello InterTubes. Seriously, with one of these and another universe to choose from, I can honestly see people never again leaving their house, or their living room, for that matter, should they decide to tack on a toilet and a shower head.

Now the question is whether things will be more like The Matrix or like Futurama’s I Dated a Robot episode.

Which future is more likely? The Matrix or Futurama? If you guessed Duh, you get a prize.

My bet’s on neither: this chair will (sadly) never make it past the “research” part of R&D, at least not until companies start buying these once they realize they’re more comfortable than cubicles.

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