Colts Win Superbowl XLI!

You heard it here first, second, or sometime thereafter: The Indianapolis Colts, under the coaching of Tony Dungy, have won Super Bowl XLI (41, for you non-Latin speakers). Suck it, Glazer.

Colts Win Super Bowl XLI

Feel free to retire now, Tony. After last year’s incident (his son’s suicide), there’s no better way to end a spectacular career than this. While you’re at it, maybe you can convince Favre that it’s time he retired as well. Have Steve Young or Trent Dilfer give him a call, will ya?

To be fair, I think the game was rigged. Did you notice that the only time it rained was when the Bears were on the field? Don’t know about you, but I think God was playing favorites here. Call it a hunch, but I think it was because the Colts’ owner (Irsay) and coach (Dungy) both thanked Him after they won the AFC championship while the Bears and their fans just poked fun at New Orleans using that while “The Bears finished what Katina didn’t” slogan. Just a hunch.

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