The Dental Debacle is Over!

You heard it here first (and since no one else will really care about this, it’s also the only place you’ll hear about it, which sort of makes this story a Gnorb.NET Exclusive): the last of my cavities has been taken care of, and to everyone’s surprise it turns out I don’t need to have another root canal!

No more drilling, no more hooks, no more thinning pocketbook.

*doing the happy dance*

So, then, that’s it. I have to see the dentist, the next appointment I have at the New Teeth Dental Solutions is in late March, for a dental cleaning. Hopefully nothing new will develop by that time, but we’ll see. What started out with a catastrophic root canal operation which included everything from a nice nap to a painful crown lengthening (and lasted 6 months) ended today, 11 fixed cavities later, with the news that the last one had been taken care of in one session.

Finally, I can get on with my life, which seems health-wise to be in an upswing. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for other aspects (jobs, businesses) which seem like they’re currently under renovation, if not altogether construction. I’ll write more about those later. I’ll also finally chime in on being nominated as Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, along side 80,000,000 others including:

Wait… Tila Nguyen? Seriously?! Uhm… wow. I mean, I guess it makes sense, sort of. Kind of. I mean, if LonelyGirl is there, I… err… hmm. Frankly, I’m not quite sure how to react to that one, though I wonder how much “research” the folks at Time did for that portion of the story.

Anyway, since anything more I say will get likely me in trouble with someone, I’ll just shut up and enjoy my cavity-free mouth.

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