Guy Kawasaki Interviews Donald Trump

Over the past few months I’ve been increasingly intrigued by Donald Trump. Sure, I disagree with some of the guy’s philosophies (like when he says “When somebody screws you, you screw them back”), and some of his businesses (casinos, in particular), but his books contain insight about the world of business which can only be attained and properly communicated by someone who’s been in it for a while and succeeded. Guy Kawasaki has posted a quick 10 (+1) question interview with “The Donald” which is pretty entertaining, and definitely worth a read.

My favorite answers came to questions #4, #8, and #11: “…it’s a productive way to spend my chill time…”, “…I was destined to succeed, and I kept focused on that…”, “…don’t give up…” Check out the interview to understand these disembodied quotes.

(Thanks to fellow 9Rule member Edward Mills (Evolving Times) for the tip.)

Now, dear reader, here’s one for you: If you could ask Donald Trump anything, what would it be?

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