Path To Weight Loss: First Cycle Results

Well, I’ve done it: I’ve become the biggest weight-loser in the office: 12.6 lbs in two weeks. The runner up lost 5 lbs. Grand prize is $70, plus two weeks of candy-based sabotage attacks from my co-workers, starting with the big pile of M&M’s and Snickers bars put in front of my office.

Thanks for the support guys. (The candy attack, by the way, was orchestrated by Flying Pig Hat Man. I call him that because he keeps a hat that looks like a pig which has flapping wings (powered by straps on the side of the hat) on top of his monitor at all times. I think it’s his thinking cap.)

[Edit: Flying Pig Hat Man just walked into my office with a congratulatory Snickers bar. As he walked away he told everyone “You know, maybe this isn’t enough. I should bring him one for every pound he lost.”]

The next challenge starts today. My current morning weight is 289.0 lbs as of this morning. If I can drop to 282.0 lbs I’ll be very happy. This will be a much harder challenge for various reasons, the first being the temptation that comes in after the first few weeks. That, sadly, is a temptation I succumbed to this weekend when I went to the local Miller’s Ale House on Saturday and ordered 20 wings (no breading). After that meal I almost puked: I’m not used to that much food anymore. 10 would have been just fine. I guess my new thing to learn about is “moderation.”

My caloric intake is still under 1500 per day (with the exception of the chicken wing bonanza), with most days hanging around 1100 calories, so I’m still good there. Still, in order for me to win this second round I’ll need to start exercising more. Or at all, for that matter.

Finally, I’m planning to take a look at Calorie King and their programs. From what I’ve read, they seem to offer another good tool in the fight against obesity. If anyone reading this has tried it, I more than welcome your thoughts.

One thought on “Path To Weight Loss: First Cycle Results

  1. Congratulations, honey! I’m so proud of you! Flying Pig Hat Man’s attack is good, but it won’t work. By the way…I have to laugh everytime I see or hear ‘Flying Pig Hat Man.” I can’t help but expect to hear a very deep, melodramatic voice annunciate that name. Creepy, yet hilarious. šŸ™‚

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