I’m in Ur Luckz, Counting to 3

If I had one of those “mood” icons next to my post, today’s mood would be “urgh”.

Ever heard the saying “good things and bad things all come in threes”? I honestly pray the saying holds true. Yesterday, three bad things happened, all of which made the prison of my mind into a very uncomfortable place to spend what has seemed since to be like a lifetime. Three more negative wrinkles were added to my brain.

I pray that today my luck does a 180o, especially since I have to be at the dentists at noon.

Anyway, to make me feel better I usually take refuge in funny things, simply because it’s easy to push pain (like embarrassment, anger, and disappointment) from your mind when you’re laughing. I feel even better when people are laughing with me, so help me feel better by laughing at this video of cats in funny pictures captioned to be saying funny things. Srsly, ur gonna LOL.

This aside, i’m a big believer in balance. I believe this because I’ve observed that often, things in life take the pendelum approach: nothing can swing too far one way without eventually correcting itself, and eventually swinging too far to the other side (and then correcting itself again). Today I was reminded of this by a friend who told me that whenever things like that happened to her, she found eventually good would come of it. She’s probably right.

In retrospect, it’s good to have found some negative, because it means I’m growing. Experience may not be the best teacher (I contend that other people’s experience makes for a better teacher, since it saves you time and effort), but it is certainly the most memorable one, and the most useful when its lessons have been evaluated.

I still feel crappy, though. I guess that’s part of flying attitude up.

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