Odds and Ends: Life, Rebooted

The title doesn’t really mean anything. I haven’t rebooted my life, though I have rebooted my eating patterns. (It comforts me little to know that if I were a caveman I would have a genetic advantage over my skinnier counterparts.) “Life, Rebooted” sounds kind of cool, though, in a “oh hey, Windows crashed again!” sort of way. Anyway, here are few odds and ends:

  • First and foremost, my apologies for not writing any long, insightful articles recently. Right now I’m in the middle of a rather tight deadline at work and business has been picking up (as expected due to the season), so long insightful posts are few and far between. Also, my recent addiction to the TV show Firefily, which I received as a gift from The Wife, hasn’t helped any. (Damn you, Joss Whedon!) In any case, I should be back into the swing of things by next week, Firefly permitting.
  • If you’re wondering about whether I’m going to write about my vacation, the answer is “barely”. I’ll be writing about the part of the trip where I spent time in Southern Pines with Third-Child and Peacecraft. Combine the beauty of North Carolina with great friends in the state and the temptation to move there is pretty high. Except for Charlotte, which I would only live in if I had to choose between it, Mogadishu, Bagdad, and Detroit.
  • For those of you sickos who, like me, incessantly look at the FeedBurner box, you may have noticed a sudden drop in the RSS counts. It seems that for some reason, the Rojo RSS reader hasn’t been showing up in the FeedBurner stats lately. Yes, there are that many readers using Rojo to read this blog. I love every single one of them. Even if they don’t show up in the stats.
  • Remember that little giveaway I was running? Yeah, well it’s over. Due to (a) nobody responding to it, (b) annoying requirements, and (c) nobody responding to it because I totally screwed up the advertising part of it, Junior wins the contest. Why? because he covered for me while I was gone with a few rather good articles. Also, because he actually commented on the article. Finally, because he’ll be writing some more and that’s all I can really afford to pay him. So, congratulations, Junior!
  • A few days ago I found out that Gnorb.NET has been listed in the Commentary category of the 9Rules Network. I’m not sure I totally agree with the decision, but I don’t disagree with it, which I guess is what matters. Heck, I’m the one that suggested it. Didn’t think Tyme would take me seriously, though. I thought this would be more of a Personal blog, you know? I even though it might classify as Humor, but after having read other 9Rules sites like Internet Zillionaire I realize I’m fairly… unfunny. Don’t tell that to The Wife, though. Keeping her laughing is one of my favorite things to do, so let’s keep the “Gnorb’s not funny” thing under our collective hats, ok? At any rate, the Personal category is way too full anyway, so Commentary’s just fine. Besides, I’m in good company.
  • While we’re on the topic of 9Rules, I’ve been discovering a ton of spectacular blogs recently. Not surprisingly, the Business, Anime, and Writing categories have caught the bulk of my attention. If you’re looking for good reading, for the love of all that is bloggy, check out 9Rules. Also, Firefox users may be interested in the 9Rules Search plug-in available, which adds the 9Rules search to the Firefox search options. I’ve been using it since I discovered it a couple days back and it keeps leading me to amazing sites I would have otherwise ignored.
  • Speaking of sites, check out Melissa’s Little Wool Gatherings. Honestly, I can’t believe I’m actually recommending a site like this. It’s a frigg’n CRAFTS site, for bloggy’s sake! Still, Melissa is a very talented writer who obviously loves what she does, and that comes out in her writing very nicely. Heck, she even delves into Gnorbesque topics like finances once in a while. Anyway, go check out her blog. For another blog along those lines — sorta — check out BlogLily, who’s also a member of 9Rules (admitted, like me, during round 5). Again, I’m pretty surprised I’m actually recommending these blogs, considering their content. Along with the pottery shopping I did recently (and you’ll hear more about that soon), it seems my world is opening up to the more pansy things of life.

    By the way, Melissa: talk more about finances, yoga, and granola recipes. You’re great at that. Also, next time 9Rules has a submissions round, enter your site. I think — and I’m talking pretty speculatively here — you stand a fair chance at making it, even if you do use Blogger. (Ever thought of upgrading to WordPress? It’s much better, really.)

Alright, that about does it for the updates. Any questions or suggestions? Put ’em in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “Odds and Ends: Life, Rebooted

  1. Woo-hoo!! You sound like my husband reluctantly admitting that he watches (and likes) the occasional chick flick! I spent the morning making a Valentine candy bouquet (yes – I’m aware it is only January, but I will be lucky to get 30-something completed by the big day).

    Recipes – check! We all gotta eat, and it might as well be good (for you) food, even though I am feeling a little unappreciated in my attempts to help with the healthy eating and my husband’s goal of shedding a bit from the middle.

    Finances – hmm . . . I’m contemplating writing about my biggest goal of 2007, which is cutting credit card debt by 1/4 when we are basically living paycheck to paycheck. I’m sure most people can relate to some extent.

    9Rules – I will definitely have to check that out!

    PS – I think you are HILARIOUS!!

  2. You sound like my husband reluctantly admitting that he watches (and likes) the occasional chick flick!

    Actually… *looks ashamedly around* I just hate the “chick flick moment”… the movies are nice, at least the ones that aren’t completely inane or simply insipid.

    On food… Yeah, I’ll be writing about that, too, and sharing a few of my own recipes. The granola recipe was awesome.

    Finances: Yeah, I know exactly where you’re coming from. The Wife and I have a total of about $70,000 worth of school loans we want to get rid of. Credit card debt isn’t an issue for us, thankfully. I’ve learned that I have to expand my income, not just try to skimp and save (although that too has its place). I’m sure you know that feeling all too well. (Thanks also for the American Dollar reference.)

    Fianlly, thank for you for thinking I’m hillarious. I try. Hard.

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