5 “Interesting” Things About Me Almost No One Knows

Having been tagged by Melissa, I hereby present you with five interesting things about me which most people don’t know. (Yes, I realize this qualifies as a meme, but it’s not quite as annoying as a chain letter telling you that if you don’t pass it around your favorite person will die of some horrible disease and you’ll be sodomized by flesh-eating goats while the ghost of the person that died pulls out all your hairs at once, so it’s OK in my book.)

1) I used to like eating bugs. I know, it sounds disgusting, but when I was about 3 my favorite foods seemed to consist of millipedes, dirt, and worms. I guess I’ve just always had a propensity towards learning with my taste buds. The thing is that I can still remember sitting on the porch with my best friend at the time, the kid that lived next door, looking at millipedes walking around in the dirt, and deciding the value of each according to how good or bad they generally tasted.

2) I watched my first adult movie when I was 5. The movie’s name was Tomboy, and it was being shown on HBO. It was only rated “R”, but for nudity, not violence. If I remember correctly, I was watching the movie with my dad, and later he told my mom “He doesn’t understand what he’s watching.” He was right, I didn’t exactly know what I was watching, but whatever it was, I liked it: women kept taking of their shirts (apparently, none of them ever wore bras, either) which made me feel funny and, for some reason I didn’t quite understand, happy. I knew what I was watching was “cool”, but didn’t know why. Later on, me and my friends would talk about that movie (and others like it) like they were the best. Movies. Ever! Of course, I could never stay up to watch more movies like that, so I just relied on my friends telling me what they saw. Years later, I saw the movie being shown again, but this time on PBS, so all I saw was the backs of women as they took off their shirts. I didn’t like the movie quite as much that second time around. In fact, even if the boobies had been shown, the movie still would’ve sucked.

3) My first kiss was when I was 14. I kissed this girl, Patty, during a dance, mostly because my friends kept telling me I had to. Later that night I asked the girl out and I thought she said “yes”, which had me pretty excited for a weekend. Her ex-boyfriend, my best friend at the time, warned me to not get too excited because the girl “wasn’t all there.” That next week, when I came back to school and told everyone we were going out, she denied it, which started up the rumor mill and made me look like a total ass. Between that and what happened the first time I asked a girl out (she said “oh my god”, turned around, and quickly walked away), I totally lost my guts about asking girls out, which really sucked because during high school (as I’ve in later years found out) most of the girls who I liked actually liked me.

4) My first taste of beer was when I was 4. My dad gave it to me after I begged him for a taste. Having just watched him and some friends sit around the table and drink the stuff, I figured it must be good. I was wrong. Way wrong. I’ve never since drank a beer.

5) The Wife knows about this one WAY too well: I learn best by arguing. Seriously, sometimes I’ll start up a fight on either the Internet or verbally with someone (over stupid things, never something serious) just to learn: about what they know, about argument methods, about logic — everything. I take it all in. Usually I do this if I feel I need to learn more about a topic, or rather a specific side of an issue. This is why in most cases I can comfortably defend multiple points, regardless of whether I agree with them or not.) If we ever meet online (or in real life) and we get into a prolonged argument, take it as a complement: you can obviously hold your own intelligently and I’m learning from you. Also, don’t always think because I’m arguing a point that I agree with it: I may well agree with you, but just want to learn what paths people take to certain conclusions. Although a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still (in other words, no one has ever really won an argument), seeing what people consider worth fighting over, even if it is just a war of words, allows me to understand a broader spectrum of issues than I otherwise could, as well as helping me better understand a person. The first thing I look for, however, is that the person doesn’t take my arguing them as a personal attack. (I avoid insulting a person directly as much as possible. When it gets personal, I apologize if I started the argument, then bail. No sense in that type of argument.)

There you go: 5 things most people don’t know about me are now revealed to the world. Guess what, though: now it’s YOUR turn. Yes, my friend, you’ve been tagged, and therefore invited to play along. Post a piece in your blog with 5 hings most people don’t know about you, and leave a comment with the link so we can visit your blog and read five interesting things about you. (Conversely, you can post the 5 things here.)

6 thoughts on “5 “Interesting” Things About Me Almost No One Knows

  1. Yay!! I think you and my husband would get along well.Your #5 sounds exactly like him (yet when we “argue,” he just covers his ears and sings la la la la la in a most annoying way, I guess because he knows I’m right about basically everything).

    And FYI – I have NO idea what a cyber-quidnunc is, so no offense was taken 🙂

  2. quidnunc: latin in origin. Quid – what; nunc – nothing (or never, I forget which). Basically, a “quidnunc” is a busybody, a person who meddles in the affairs of others way too often. Glad you enjoyed them 😉

  3. 1: I would have 12 kids, if my husband would allow it. I love being a mother, it is the best job in the world. Everyday my kids bring me this extreme sense of joy. Watching my children grow and learn new things is the high light of my life and I can not wait to wake up everyday and spend time with them. I have been a stay at home mom with my children since Bianca was born and just recently opened a in-home-daycare with a friend. I enjoy being there.
    Ray and I just decided we are only going to have THREE kids total. We plan on waiting till Bianca enters school and Kai is a little older to have our final child.

    2: I have to take a bath every night to relax. If I don’t I can not sleep well. So everynight after the kids are in bed.. I soak in the bath for about 15 mins with the lights off.. just relaxing.

    3: I am a photo-holic and love taking photos. I try and take at least one photo of my children everyday. I have over 8 CD
    s full of photos of my daughter alone and 4 of my son since he was born.

    4: I have been taking little side jobs to earn extra money. I created a website for the local high school. I also have been selling graphic art designs for people on Livejournal and greatestjournal

    5: I often wish I could sell my in-laws on ebay. While I care for them, they are often A LOT more trouble then they are worth. I feel as if they have tainted the family name and I wish to god they would all move away. There is not a day that passes that one of them isn’t in jail or in trouble for something or other.

  4. 1. The first few years of my life i were spent living on ships. My father was a captain of a freighter and i didnt need to go to school at the time. I can’t say that i remember much about the experience at all, but i do know that when i was younger, i always had a natural fear of the water. I was always learnign about sharks or storms as excuses not to go near the water. However now i seem to be fascinated with boats. funny
    2. One of the people who encouraged me the most to excel both academically and financially was actually a teacher i had for 3 years. It was the only time i got to know a teacher who would go out of their way and stay after to school to just talk to a student about certain books, especially considering he lived 90 min away and was supposed to have retired but stayed teaching just for our class. (we begged him.) To this day he remians one of the top people who have helped shape my life.
    3. I love technology and the convenience it brings, but there are times where i also love to do without them. When a day or two goes by and i have had no tv, computer, phone, internet or anything else of teh sort, i find myself enjoying life more. My level of optmism and overall joy increases and everything seems clearer in life.
    4. I absolutely hate academics though i will do well in them. People here may know that, but the vast majority of my friends and family always felt ‘oh its him, he loves to study. throw a book at him. No not that one, the heavy one.’ Personally, i hate the idea of being taught a test instead of teh actual topic. I love to learn, but not the way the education system does it. Their are so many topics (like biology and math) that i used to enjoy, but after taking some strict higher level classes for it, it killed all of the joy.
    5. What i want out of life more than anything else is a loving family complete with a wife and kids. Money is nice, giving to charities is nice, having some good friends is also a pleasant thing to have, but in the end it is good to have someone take away that lonely pang that kicks in every once in awhile. Well, be the right person instead of looking for the right person right? Well time to mature faster then. Hang on, i must concentrate on maturing faster.

  5. @Kari: Thanks for the list. Interesting.

    @Junior: Remind me to throw a heavy book at you next time I see you. You’ve been to my place, so you know I have plenty of amunition.

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