Sony’s PS 3 Will Cost $465: The Gamer’s Manifesto

In the desolate economic climate of post-apocalyptic 2006, I’m thinking [$465 is] going to be a lot of money. Now, it’s true that at E3 Sony was boasting the Playstation 3 could crank out 1.8 TFLOPS, or 1.8 trillion FLOPS. If that many FLOPS were piled together they would fill the Grand Canyon, assuming each FLOP were the size of a muskrat. So what do gamers want from all that money and FLOP? Just ask them.

Someone over at has a bone to pick with the gaming industry, and a pretty good one at that. Ever wonder why you can’t do totally whacked out stuff in games, like smash open non-story line related doors, destroy tables with that thermonuclear rocket launcher you’re forced to tote around to beat some boss with the strength of Thor on steroids, or save whereever the heck you want to within the game instead of traveling 15 minutes out of your way to get to the nearest checkpoint?

Aparently, you’re not alone. Although the new gaming consoles are beefed up bulkier than The Incredible Hulk, they’re aimed at making better-than-ever eye candy instead of more indepth story lines or game effects. That’s why the Gamer’s Manifesto was written; maybe now game makers will realize that some of us are looking for more story buildup than stellar boobies.

Look at the little guy. The one on the [right]. The one who’s just a head…I mean, let’s face it: strategy is all that guy’s got going for him. He has no limbs and he’s already on fire.

And yet, did anyone stop being impressed by Doom III long enough to notice he and the other bad guys were flailing at us with the same straight-line Ulysses S. Grant calvary charge that failed them twelve years ago in Doom 1?

Where are the FPS bad guys who can adapt their strategy on the fly? Enemies who themselves have six different guns and switch up according to what the situation calls for? Bad guys who work in teams, who strategize, who create diversions to distract you? Where’s the enemy Solid Snake who sneaks up on you with the silence of a ninja’s church fart?

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