Finding Linux ISOs

When it comes to software, there’s nothing I love more than testing out Linux distribuitons. That’s why whenever I find a good download site, whether on the Web or FTP, I like to bookmark it.

Until recently, my favorite Linux download site was Great resource, really, although I find that it’s not kept as up to date as I should like. I say “until recently” because over at Slashdot I just caught a glimpse of a new Linux download site, This site keeps a list of BitTorrent links to Linux distributions that goes from A (Arch) to Z (Zen). Given the fact that I’ve downloaded an average of one distro a week since 2000, I think I might have just found a new favorite.

If you’re new to Linux, and you want to play around with a few distributions to see what suits you best, might be the place for you to start your research.


Links of Importance

  • BitTorrent
  • DistroWatch (This is also a good site for Linux distros)
  • Share your thoughts