Random Thoughts of the Weekend

During the weekend I was out in Orlando, taking care of a few personal affairs. During that time, along with my fever and subsequent hallucinations, I made three observations I thought I’d share, all of them at least partially fever induced.

1. Making Additional Income as a Hotel Owner

Step 1: Make sure you have horrible, horrible tasting water going to every fountain and faucet in the place. The metallic taste should be pugnant enough to challenge even the stomachs of anyone coming out of India or Mexico.

Step 2: Advertise your own brand of bottled water, or a brand you can acquire relatively cheaply, like Zephyrhills. Charge $3.50 if it is bought before 4pm, $4.25 if it is bought after, and $4.75 if it is one of the bottles included in the room.

Step 3: Profit. As people unsispectingly drink your nasty water then run to the hotel store to buy a bottle of the better stuff, sit in the security office, watch the security cameras (all of which are pointed to every public fountain in the place) and laugh. All the way to the bank, that is: you just made upwards of $4.25 in pure profit.

2. Walking on Water

Is Jesus’ walking on water bit a roundabout way of admitting that He can’t swim?

3. Life Lessons from the Goal Posts of Life

Once in a while, we all need to be loved. We do something wrong, stupid, or fail to do something we set out to do and we simply need someone to hold our hand to pick us back up.

Other times, someone has to drop kick us from the goal posts of life in order for us to learn the lessons.

This weekend, I was drop kicked. Repeatedly.

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