How Do You Save Money During the Christmas Season?

From Mr. Cheap Stuff:

The average consumer is predicted to spend about $791.10 during this holiday season. $451.34 of that will be spent on family and $85.60 will be spent on friends. The remaining money will be spent on candy and food ($91.20) and decorations $46.49 (decorations).

So do you have enough cash this holiday season? Well if your like most Americans you don’t and will probably be reaching for the all mighty credit card.

While the article isnt’ all that long and informative, I found it to be a thought provoking read. The Wife and I have been thinking about both our Christmas gifting budget and our vacation budget (we’re heading to North Carolina for a few days in December) and, funny enough, our numbers aren’t too far off from this. Needless to say we’ll be doing most, if not all of our shopping online this year. Again. Thing is, outside of that we’re looking to sponsor a family as this Christmas (not just by Toys for Tots, but by taking on as much of their Christmas as we can — toys, food, decorations, et al.), mostly because I really, honestly would rather give a gift that receive one (and trust me, I do love receiving them).

With all this, you can see why budgets are extremely important for us.

Anyway, go read the article and if you have something to say, say it there (or here, if you so desire).

By the way, Mr. Cheap Stuff is a good site to keep an eye out for, since he always features a number of good offers on all kinds of items: cigars, magazines, gasoline, etc, etc, etc.

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