TED Talks and Talks and Talks (On Video)

I blogged about TED a while back, but with all the recent updates (relative to that last post) I thought it might be a good idea to do so again. I also thought it might be a good idea to post videos of the talks for you to enjoy and learn from.

TED — or the Technology, Entertainment, and Design conference — is an annual conference which brings together some of the greatest minds on the planet and is set up with the purpose of bringing about ideas to improve the world. Sound ambitious? It is. Speakers at the conference include people from all corners of the world who are actively working towards making the world a better place. If you count yourself among the positive minded, or if you want to hear people talk boldly and believably about how the world really could be made better, then spend some time listening to these talks. Secular leaders, religious leaders, scientists, technological giants, civil rights workers, economists, musicians, and even professional adventurers.

I have divided the speakers into multiple pages. I tried to do them all as one big page, but my browser kept blowing up whenever I hit that page, so I decided against it.

Table of Contents

Note as you watch the videos, a short intro is given about the speaker then the video is featured. All descriptions come from the TED blog. More information about the speakers can be found there. Finally, most talks are between 15 and 30 minutes, with some being a bit shorter.

I highly recommend listening to all of these guys, even if you don’t agree with their stance on certain matters. (If you’re going to disagree, at least be directly informed about what you’re disagreeing to.) Remember also that you can download the talks on MP3 and MP4 from the TED Blog site, as well as read a lot more very interesting content, including book reviews and overviews (the non-fiction type).

I’ll update these pages as I find more of the talks, so bookmark it, or just subscribe to the TED Blog RSS feed.

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