Republicans Propose Last-Minute Spy Bill

The outgoing Republican chairman of a key U.S. Senate committee has made a last-minute attempt at giving the Bush administration what he calls the necessary “resources” for carrying out its phone call and Internet surveillance within the law…

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2 thoughts on “Republicans Propose Last-Minute Spy Bill

  1. What the Patriot Act didn’t do enough? History has shown civil liberties always go out the window when a country is at war. This is yet another example. I think the U.S. voters sent a clear message during the midterm elections about the “Patriot” act, abuses at GITMO, and spying on cell phone calling patterns. Whatever is passed before the end of the year will be reversed when the people are in power again in 2007.
    Yea! for civil rights (at least until the next war).

  2. All I can say is “Orange Politics” (as in “best the conversation goes there).

    That said, I still believe that Corruption, Iraq, and violations of the constitution were the primary vote-getters for the Dems. GITMO may not have been that high on the list, save it be by proxy on the whole “violations of the constution” (and, for that matter, the Geneva Conventions).

    Still: Corruption = #1 issue. How many Republicans have been sent to jail for everything from bribes to voter fraud? Something like 8 in the past year, IIRC.

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