3 thoughts on “Batman and Robin vs. The Drug Dealer?

  1. geeze….

    If it wasnt for aston martin and james bond, i wouldn’t have much respect for the british people right now.

    oh yeah…and then there was that whole wwII….thingy.

  2. Dude, the RAF kicked major arse in WWII. Compare their numbers to the Germans. Not even close. For every 1 RAF fighter that went down, something like 10 (may have been as high as 19) German planes went down in the battle over Brittain.

  3. Yeah i know…Ive studed the whole battle for britain thoroughly.

    My joke at the end ‘oh yeah…and then there was that whole wwII….thingy’

    was meant to be another reason why i would respect the british, though i did not place it as high as the aston martin and james bond.


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