RSS Problems

If you’re wondering what the deal is with the RSS feed, you’re not alone. The RSS feed hasn’t updated for almost 3 days. I’m investingating the issue now (since I just recently discovered it.)

The RSS feeds will be back as ASAP.

Edit: The issue seems to be resolved. I hope. I’ll keep an eye out. Also, I’ll try to see what the deal is with the RSS feed sending older articles over and over again.

Edit 2: I just received an email from BlueHost which explains why the RSS feed was clunky (not stopeed, just really really slow), and why yesterday my site started complaining of too many CPUs hitting it at once, something I’d never before seen. According to them, Cpanel (which they use to administer sites) was overloading the systems by repeatedly hitting sites up to 50,000 times at a time. The issue has aparently been resolved.

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