Gnorb.NET Florida (although mostly Broward) Voter Guide



You can listen to a debate between the three candidates mentioned in this piece by clicking here. (Free, soul-sucking registration to the Miami Herald Online required.)

  • Charlie Crist (Republican): Currently Florida’s Attorney General. (Note that I’m not able to really get a lot of info from his site, since most of it deals with what he’s done and not what he’s going to do.)
    • Started to help people find the least expensive legal (non-Canadian) drugs.
    • Drafted and worked to pass tougher price gouging and looting laws after the hurricanes of the past few years.
    • Proposed anti-murder legislation; fought to reinstate Megan’s Law.
    • Formed “Escape Schools” which teach kids how to get away from predators.
    • Put forward legislation to pursue spammers; supported stronger penalties for identity theives.
    • Instituted the Fraud Hotline for Florida citizens.
    • Opposes eminent domain.
    • Has fought utility companies seeking billions in rate increases; has saved customers $2.5 Billion.
    • Resolved cases with phone companies regarding deceptive billing practices.
    • Stopped sexual offenders from receiving Viagra.
    • Supports right to maintain guns.
    • Opposes gay marriage; Supports parental notification.
    • Was the first elected Republican Attorney General of Florida.
    • Supports judges who apply the law as written, not legislate from the bench.
    • Supports elimination of liabilities which require a person or company to pay damages for an injury beyond their responsibility for that injury.
    • Supports lower taxation and expanded business growth.
    • Supports increasing the Homestead exception from $25,000 to $50,000.
    • “Charlie Crist is a Jeb Bush Republican.”
  • Jim Davis (Democrat): Currently, Jim Davis serves in the House of Representatives.
    • Proposes the Hurricane Premium Protection Fund, to lower insurance rates, expand coverage, and provide policy holders with more protection; supports a Policy holder’s bill of rights.
    • Proposes to reduce property taxes by $1 Billion next year.
    • Supports taking the focus off the FCAT as the standard by which schools are judged and uses it as a metric in determining which schools need the most help; supports raising teacher salaries.
    • Supports stricter environmental protection by enhancing land conservation, protection of public lands and waterways, fight for full funding of Everglades protection and restoration.
    • Will implement proposals to increase access to affordable health care for children, seniors, and workers; will make affordable health care a priority.
    • Emphasis on civil rights for minorities, women.
    • Supports Israel.
  • Max Linn (Reform Party):
    • Education: Get rid of the FCAT, attract higher quality teachers by raising salaries.
    • Immigration: This is a national issue. As such, bill Washington for all the services Florida tax payers have to pay for which go to illegal immigrants. Make sure that legislation passed by Washington doesn’t destroy Florida businesses.
    • Development: A three-year moratorium on condo development to allow Florida’s infrastructure to catch up with the pace of development.
    • Insurance: A couple of things. (1) stop government-funded charity for millionaires. Our state-owned Citizens Insurance Company should only insure homes valued at less than five hundred thousand dollars (excluding land). Because Citizens is backed by the taxpayers of this state, it has no business insuring high-risk, high-value homes and commercial projects along Florida’s coast. (2) Ensure that low and middle income Floridians do not lose their homes due to skyrocketing insurance rates. I will veto any proposal that does not protect average citizens.
    • Prison Reform: 2-tier prison system with strict segregation between violent and non-violent criminals. Outsource violent criminals to Mexican prisons to save Florida money and help create Mexican jobs.
    • Energy: Invest in alternatives, especially solar.
    • Offshore Drilling: Fight any measure that calls for the expansion of oil and gas drilling off the coast of Florida.
    • Gun Control: Support the right of all Americans to own firearms and to carry firearms with a permit.
    • Prescription Drugs: Support every Floridian’s right to purchase safe prescription drugs legally wherever they are cheapest. That means safe prescription drugs from advanced, first world countries, like Canada, that have instituted and enforced proper drug production safeguards.
    • Social Issues: Religion should not dictate government policy. Government should stay out of our citizens’ private lives, as much as possible, in matters of personal freedom. Women have the right to choose whether to bring a life into this world; uphold the abortion laws as they now stand.

Gnorb’s Impression: I’ll keep my nose out of this one, seeing as I’ve already stated my support for Max Linn. He seems to be the perfect combination of someone who knows finances and what government should and should not get itself into.

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