Ballot Previews: Hillsborough, Broward, Dade Counties (FL)

I just posted announced this to all my “MySpace” friends (all of whom I know in real life), but I thought it important enough to announce here. I’ll be bringing an item-by-item election coverage piece over the next couple of days, so stay tuned. Those of you not in Florida can safely ignore this. Those of you in Florida, please pass this along.

For those of you wondering what you’ll be voting on this coming Tuesday, Nov. 7th, you can check out a ballot preview via your county’s Supervisor of Elections website. (To find it, just go a Google search for “[Your County Name] Supervisor of Elections”.

For those in Hillsborough County, check out the following link:

For those in Broward county, check out the following link:

For those in Dade county, check out the following link:

In the case of Hillsborough and Broward (the two counties which most directly affect this aparently selfish guy) getting the preview is easy: enter your address and click “Continue”. Select your address from the list of possible locations and you’ll get a list that looks like this:

It lists all the candidates (so you can do some research) and, just as importantly, all the possible amendments to the Florida Constitution you’ll be asked to vote on.

Do your research and get out the vote. For more information on this, I’ll be writing about it in detail over the weekend, so if you want to be a bit lazy, that’s fine. Just keep your eye on where I’ll be putting up info on the Amendments and the candidates being voted on.

(If anyone wants to help, email me via MySpace [Edit: Or by emailing me at, or commenting on this thread] and I’ll include your research and comments — with full credit — on

Finally, for those of you in South Florida, 940’s Jim DeFede is doing a pretty good job of covering the election, so you can check out his site for some more commentary and info. Note that while he tends to be a pretty common-sense guy, he tends to be a bit more progressive than I like, so take what he says with a grain of salt. (He’s no Rush Limbaugh or Al Franken, so you can be safe in the knowledge that he’s not simply a partisan hack extremist.)

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